March 2021 Meeting Notes

BASIS Boosters Meeting



Attendees: Nicole K (President), Heather Brown (Vice President), Cheryl Zeglin (Treasurer), Autumn Montoya (Secretary), Kelly Miller (Communications Director), Caryn Gundersen, Janel Sherwood, Helena Shin, Jackie Brown (BASIS Flagstaff Auxiliary Program Coordinator)  Luke Calhoun (BASIS Flagstaff Director of Student Affairs), Karen Ferguson, Sonny Kuhr, Keiji Iwai, Kristin Iwai, Matthew Gibson (BASIS Flagstaff Head of Operations) 


Nicole K, President  – Welcome and Called to order at 8:30 am

Autumn Montoya, Secretary – Quorum certified and approval of minutes from February 3rd, 2021.  Moved by Autumn and seconded by Cheryl Zeglin that minutes be approved. All in favor, none opposed.


Prom – Luke Calhoun

  • SLLC / Students have requested assistance with putting on Prom this year. Venue connections are appreciated, especially those w/ outdoor space or space for pods. The BASIS Flagstaff parking lot could be available but is not preferred as it would feel less special than other venues for the attendees.
  • Considering an outdoor space where students can go in ‘pods’ of up to 10 or people who you drove with.  Students would dance only with other students within their pod
  • May 7th or 8th
  • Janel Sherwood volunteered to head a committee to assist with Prom. She and Lexi have been brainstorming on ideas for Prom. Thank you Janel! Volunteers are appreciated.
  • Venues: The Sycamore is booked this weekend, quotes are being obtained from the Arboretum & Amphitheater at Ft. Tuthilll.  Snowbowl is being considered but will likely be booked as this is Mothers Day weekend. Viola’s was suggested. The Orpheum was suggested (but is an indoor venue).  The Elks Lodge was suggested. Outdoors venues are preferred as this may be more inclusive to distance learners.
  • 10th-12 graders are planned to be welcome this year as well as 9th graders by invitation.  If a large enough venue is found 9th-12th grade might all be included. 


Treasurer Budget Updates – Cheryl Zeglin 

  • Membership dues goal has been met. 
  • The majority of our income is from passive fundraising such as Frys Community Rewards & Amazon Smiles.
  • We have a healthy bank account as we haven’t spent much this year

New Website – Nicole K 

  • Boosters has a website which we are working on improving for many reasons including communication, increasing membership registration, volunteers, sign ups, events and more.  The current website can be found at:  Nicole Kennan and Lisa Dahm are working on the improved site.  There will be quite a bit of easily accessible information on the website.  The suggestion was made to add lunch ordering (Boonli) to the website. 

Trivia Night – Heather Brown 

  • Trivia night was small with not many registered participants.  We earned approximately $600 to donate to ATF.  It was an easy to use platform, and so an easy and fun fundraiser.  In the future perhaps we could look into adding something like Teams or Zoom for a more social environment.

Sees Candy – Caryn Gundersen

  • This was an easy fundraiser once set up.  We ran a total of 23 days with approximately $6,000 in sales resulting in $1,583.50 of profit. This was a successful & simple fundraiser perhaps it could be done Spring and Fall?  Any suggestions for other fundraisers like this are appreciated.


Thank you – Matt Gibson HOPS 

  • Thank you for all you do for the school!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out  with questions, comments or concerns.

Recap of Accomplishments This School Year – Nicole Kennan 

  • This was a challenging year, but we were still able to accomplish many things:
  • Bylaws were updated
  • Statutory agent updated to Tevis Reich, PLLC
  • Fidelity / liability bond started with State Farm
  • Google Drive / Shared document storage
  • Small fundraisers: Fall Raffle, Easy as Pie, Trivia Night, Sees Candy 
  • Bank account updated & transitioned to appropriate board members
  • New branding / image
  • Resources established to upgrade website, which should allow for better membership communication
  • Several teacher appreciation efforts in the midst of chaos/the unknown


2021-2022 BASIS Boosters Officers – Nicole Kennan 

  • Each volunteer spoke briefly prior to a vote. Positions officially start July 1st, 2021.
  • President – Heather Brown. Moved by Nicole K., seconded by Cheryl Z. All were in favor.
  • Vice President – Caryn Gundersen. Moved by Nicole K., seconded by Heather Brown. All were in favor.
  • Secretary – Autumn Montoya. Moved by Nicole K., seconded by Cheryl Z. All were in favor.
  • Treasurer – Cheryl Zeglin. Moved by Nicole K., seconded by Heather B. All were in favor.
  • Communications Director – Vacant – We need this position filled, a volunteer would be greatly appreciated as this is a critical role.

2021-2022 BASIS Boosters Committee Head Volunteers – Nicole Kennan

  • Advertising & Business Partnerships – Vacant
  • Event Planning – Vacant
  • Passive Fundraising – Autumn Montoya
  • Lunch – Vacant but Helena Shin and Karen Ferguson hope to be able to assist, perhaps share the responsibility… Marian will have a meeting with lunch volunteers to discuss.  This is very important as it encompases Pizza Friday and Boonli.
  • Membership – Janel Sherwood
  • Teacher Appreciation – Caryn Gundersen
  • Student Events (Luau, Sr. Projects, etc.) – Vacant
  • Support – Nicole K and Lisa Dahm on website, Heather Brown with EPI


Volunteers needed for Joe & Go on AZ Gives Day

Next meeting TBD

Meeting adjourned at 9:37 am.

Addendum 5/3/2021

Per an email from Nicole, we have a volunteer to fill the Communications Director role for the upcoming year, Melissa Greinke who is a BASIS Flagstaff parent who so kindly provided her resume of experience. A vote of the board and leadership was taken via email and all were in favor. To be voted on at the upcoming general meeting on 5/12/2021. 

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