May 2022 Meeting Notes

BASIS Flagstaff Boosters Meeting



Attendees: Helena Shin (President),  Cheryl Zeglin (Treasurer), Autumn Montoya (Secretary), Melissa Greinke (Communications Director), Thomas Carpenter  (Head of Operations, BASIS Flagstaff), Nicole Turnquist,  Jennifer Tantoco,  Jenn Martin, Julie Paez, Monica Whicker, Christina Hayes & Ashlyn Scanlon. Note: others were present, but not on the sign-in sheet.

Helena Shin, President 



Treasurer’s Report (Cheryl)

  • After this final Pizza Friday, we will finalize the figure, but we will likely about $25,000 to donate to the ATF from Pizza Fridays. 
  • Would like to give Alfred the janitor a thank you gift for being so helpful during all of our Pizza Fridays. $200 cash will be given to him, everyone present was in favor.

Lunch Program (Helena)

  • Last Pizza Friday is this Friday 5/13/22. 
  • Mon-Thurs Hot Lunches will end on May 19th.
  • Bees Knees has extra food that can be purchased at T-Th lunches but there is no guarantee that there will be food if you don’t pre-order it.
  • The lunch committee needs to meet to plan for next year. We will likely do semester long pizza passes. 

Passive Fundraising (Autumn)

  • 5 Cu won the Box Tops contest. They will have their free pizza lunch on 5/16/22.

Teacher Appreciation (Helena) (Caryn out today for family emergency)

  • Teacher appreciation week recap, was May 2nd-6th.  Monday there were 230 handmade cards from students posted in staff lounge and lobby, Tuesday there was the Single Speed Coffee Truck, Wednesday there was an Oreganos catered lunch, Thursday a breakfast and Friday sweets. Amazing work Caryn and everyone who helped! Next year we need more volunteers for this.
  • We did not receive enough gifts/gift card for all of the teachers to receive something.  We had recently requested gift cards for Tunnel Fire victims and some felt there wasn’t enough notice given for families to donate in time. It was also suggested that the gifts/gift cards be donated for the teacher appreciation party we do around the holidays vs end of the year.

Website (Melissa)

  • Please check it out!

EPI (Helena)

  • We need better planning  & school support for this. There have been problems with getting teacher supply lists (there are teachers leaving others have turned in lists late, etc).  We will go ahead and use last year’s lists… it feels unacceptable if the teachers ask for more supplies in addition to these but we just haven’t been able to get all of the necessary lists. Hopefully next year we can post this to ParentSquare to order. This year’s orders must be in by June 10th, asking Mr. VanDalen to send out a PS to all current and incoming families
  • Perhaps next year we can order extras for families to purchase if they didn’t pre-order.  
  • Per Cheryl we made approximately $800 on this last year
  • It was brought up by Nicole that despite purchasing these there are often several mid-year ‘asks’ for additional supplies… not sure if there is some opportunity there. Perhaps have an online Yeti store? Teacher wish lists?

Recap of Accomplishments this Year & Boosters Leader Board (Helena) 


Dine to Donate (Nicole)

  • Scheduled for Tuesday 5/24/2022  
  • A ParentSquare message was sent out and we will post on Facebook.

TBD Incoming Student Night (Helena)

  • If/when this happens it would be nice to have a Boosters booth.

Luau 5/26/22 (Helena)

  • Committee meeting to follow this general meeting 


Digital Sign (Dr. Carpenter)

  • Information has been passed on to the BASIS Expansion Team for logistical, city, community, type of sign (vertical free-standing vs wall mounted) requirements, etc.
  • We need updated quotes
  • This has been a very challenging year. Once we can catch our breath (hopefully soon) we will get the ball rolling on this.
  • We have approximately $10,000 budgeted for this sign

Q&A with HOPS (Dr. Carpenter)

  • Q: Can we use the school for Boosters meetings next year?
    • A: Probably…. Likely for a 50 minute block of time. Likely with an 8:25 arrival time and parking in back but not along fire lane/red curb. We are loosing a middle school element next year so that will likely free up a room.
    • It was suggested by Julie that we try afternoon or evening meetings next year so working parents are able to attend.
  • Q: Luau details?
    • A: Sam Kergis and Swaine are heading it up from school side. 
    • 5/26/22 (last day of school) 1:30-4 pm
    • There will be a staggered dismissal so many students will have already left but then come back for the event.
    • This is for K-12 and families are welcome to come. There are around 750? Students. Not sure how many will attend.

Announcement from Dr. Carpenter, Late Bird will likely cost 25-40% less next year.


Helena – Back 2 School night will be very important. It would be nice to hand out a QR code for parents to get info on our group and easy ways to get involved.

Graduation is this Friday

Have a safe and fun summer!

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 am.

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