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BASIS Flagstaff Boosters Meeting



Attendees: Helena Shin (President), Cheryl Zeglin (Treasurer) & Autumn Montoya (Secretary), Caryn Gundersen (VP) & Melissa Grienke (Communications Director), Monica W., Jeenah C., Ashley L., Sandi D., Jaimi C., Kallie K., Luxia W., Dericka W., Nicole T., Kendra F., Jen T., Jenn M., Josh Harrell (BASIS Director of Operations) &  Dr. Thomas Carpenter (HOPS & Current Chemistry Teacher)


Called to order at 9:30 am


Lunch Committee 

Pizza Friday – Cheryl

  • We are off to a great start! So far we have raised about $28,000 from pre-paid pizza passes and cash sales.  We are earning about $1,000 in cash sales each Friday. Approximately half of income goes to paying for the pizza, snacks and drinks and about half ends up going to the ATF. Last year we were able to raise a little over $25,000 which was donated to the ATF. 
  • Little Caesars has increased the cost of each pizza to $7.50 (up from $5).  Papa Johns would provide pizza for $7 per pizza but this would be a change from what we have been doing as we would have to pick up from their Milton location and they would deliver the 2nd batch each week. Dericka offered to pick up pizza if we switch. Melissa mentioned Papa John’s may be a little healthier for the kids as they use fewer ingredients. No decision was made at this time.

Hot Lunch Mon-Thurs – Helena

  • Panda Express is on Mondays, must be pre-ordered on Boonli, through our website.
  • Tues-Thurs Bees Knees is catering. Please pre-order via Boonli, through our website. They are bringing a little extra to sell but there is no guarantee there will be food unless pre-ordered.
  • We really aren’t making any revenue Mon-Thurs but it is nice to have this option for kids to have hot lunches.

Free Lunch Program – Helena, Melissa & Cheryl

  • Last year Bridge Church donated funds from the Festifall Charity fundraiser for kids who can’t afford/don’t have meals. Last year there were about 10-12 kids in need.  We have quite a bit of those funds remaining we can use for this year. Per Jackie, about 5 meals per day would work.  Bees Knees has been so kind as to only charge $1.50 for those meals and Boosters is paying for Panda. A parent stepped up and purchased 6 year-long pizza passes for the kids in need. Thank you!
  • Jackie Brown has asked that we take those free lunches to her office and the kids in need can pick them up from her.

Forgotten Lunches & Snacks – Helena

  • In prior years we were receiving lunches/snacks from Flagstaff Family Food Center that was in the front office, but they were low quality and most of it was getting thrown out.  The school has decided they no longer want these.  Boosters will now support by bringing in snacks to stock/support this.

Passive Fundraisers  – Autumn

  • Box Tops for Education – Since changing from clipped box tops to receipt scanning our proceeds are down by about half to two-thirds.  Very few people are doing this.  Autumn will send out a Parent Square with info and how-to’s. The scanning app often misses items, please scan again if you think you have purchased a box top item if it is still missing you can manually enter it.  Autumn will put up a leaderboard online and start a contest for Box Tops w/ a reward pizza party perhaps toward the end of the year.  Last year’s approx 6 week competition w/ bringing in receipts didn’t even raise enough to cover the cost of pizza for the winning element.
  • Please sign up for Amazon Smiles and Fry’s Rewards.  Info on that will also go out in the Parent Square post.

Sees Candy Fundraiser  – Caryn

  • Starts 10/1/22 & goes through 12/2/22. Shipping is very quick and begins 11/10/22.  There are holiday boxes. Caryn will send out a Parent Square about this.  We earn up to 50% for the school.

Teacher Appreciation – Caryn

  • The next teacher appreciation lunch will be Tuesday 10/4/22 & will have a Mexican food theme. This is a teacher/staff favorite
  • We will likely do the next lunch with an Asian food theme
  • Stocking the teacher’s lounge sign-ups are full until January
  • It was suggested that someone perhaps bi-weekly assist with cleaning up the teachers lounge. Caryn, Lupe and Helena have helped out with this in the past as it was needed and the staff member who was assisting has now taken on a different role in the school.

Website – Melissa

  • Our website is hosted via WordPress:
  • Melissa is currently overhauling the site to modernize it.  It is WordPress based so there is a learning curve.  Please email Melissa or Boosters if you find any error, broken links, etc. so they can be updated.
  • Please visit our website to join Boosters as well as for sign-ups for events, lunches and info on supporting our school. This is a GREAT way to get involved in your child’s school!!

Membership – Jennifer Tantoco

  • Jennifer Tantoco has offered to head up membership, thank you Jennifer!
  • We used to collect dues which helped defray operational expenses (website, insurance, etc) so that fundraisers can benefit the ATF.  We would like to collect again with a suggested donation of at least $25.  This can be done on our website.
  • Needs info on prior members. Autumn will get old sign in sheets to Jennifer.  Jennifer can create a spreadsheet to help track and retain membership.
  • Parent Square is our communication tool to parents, but please also go to the website and join. Thank you in advance!!
  • Jenn M. suggested sending a reminder email with how to sign-up, register, etc.  Jen T. & Melissa will work together on this.


Casino Night – Nicole

  • Spoke w/ Mike? at Mercedes-Benz about the Nov. 5th, 2022 date.  They are checking w/ corporate to confirm this will work and will get back to Nicole.
  • Finally spoke with Josh, the Casino Night vendor after having difficulty reaching him.  He is also looking into whether the Nov. 5th, 2022 date will work and will get back to Nicole. 
  • Prior to Covid related cancellation of last year’s event, we had already paid a $910 deposit for the vendor, which he still has and will be applied to the new rescheduled date.
  • We would love to have teachers as dealers.  We need to make sure some are willing and make sure they are able to also have time not dealing to enjoy the event. If we hire Josh’s dealers it was (? $60/hour).
  • Once Nicole hears back from Jost and Mercedes we will schedule a committee planning meeting.  Please sign up! It is quite a bit of work but the event is really fun and a tremendous fundraiser for the ATF.

Day at the Park – Melissa

  • For K – 4th grade students and families on 9/24/22 at Foxglenn park.
  • Was previously going to be run by a staff member who is switching roles within the school so now will be Booster sponsored instead of school sponsored.
  • Potluck style (OK if Booster sponsored event)
  • Need to confirm park reservation with the city
  • Mr. Malley has games to play
  • Please sign up for this committee!  

Scholastic Book Fair – Helena

  • The whole week of 9/26/22
  • Please sign up to volunteer.  The school runs this event but they need our help as volunteers. 

Trunk or Treat / Fall Festival – Helena

  • Saturday, October 29th, 2022
  • Run by the school and SLLC. They want to go big this year and have asked for us to assist with funds. We need a vote for any amount over $200 but do not have the requested amount yet.  
  • Some items planned include a haunted house, bounce house, trunk-r-treat.
  • Helena will meet with Jackie Brown for more details. 


Digital Sign – Dr. Carpenter

  • Boosters has set aside funds for a digital sign.  
  • The regional director for BASIS is coming up tomorrow and will hopefully be able to get us info on sign installation.  They have been working with the City zoning and ordinances regarding sign installation.


Fundraisers – Cheryl

There was mention that fundraisers have to go to the ATF, although there is other need within the school for events.  Josh will discuss this with Dr. Carpenter and Jackie and get back to us.

  • For now, Sees Candy fundraiser will go to fund events
  • We need to figure out what fundraisers are going to be supporting events.  We have dedicated Pizza Friday funds to the ATF but have other events that pop up which the school requests funds for. 


Boosters meetings to be held the 2nd Wednesday of each month. 

Next meeting will be Wednesday, October 12th, 2022, most likely at 8:30 am, venue TBD.

Meeting adjourned at 10:34 am.

Thank you for attending!  

Please reach out to with any questions or suggestions, we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

Posted by: Autumn Montoya December 13, 2022

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