Meeting Notes

January 2023 Boosters Meeting



Attendees: Helena Shin (President), Caryn Gundersen (VP), Cheryl Zeglin (Treasurer), Autumn
Montoya (Secretary), Dr. Carpenter (BASIS Flagstaff Head of Operations), Jaimi Carter, Lynette
Clark & Kema Muyingo


Called to order at 8:40 am – Introductions, we are so happy to have new members!


Lunch Committee
Pizza Friday – Cheryl

  • The Pizza Friday ParentSquare post went live for sign-ups December 16th for January – March. It filled up fast. **If you would like to volunteer, please check ParentSquare periodically as frequently volunteers have to cancel. Go to “More -Sign Ups – WINTER Pizza Friday FALL Volunteer Sign-Ups” There will be another sign up post going out for April-May sign ups.
  • New pizza passes for the 2nd half of the year will be available for purchase on beginning Jan. 16th 2023.
  • If you don’t have a pizza pass we accept cash. The 2 slice, side and a drink combo is $5. The one slice combo is $4. Additional pizza, snacks and drinks are available for purchase as well.
  • If the school has a half (or shortened) day, Boonli/Pizza Friday lunches will not be available. Please plan accordingly. The school allows students to bring snacks.
  • If you have any lunch related questions please don’t hesitate to contact our wonderful lunch committee at

Monday-Thursday Hot Lunch – Helena

  • Due to inflation, increasing costs of food and the recently increased minimum
    wage in Flagstaff, Bees Knees, who provides our Tuesday-Thursday hot lunch
    needs to increase their prices. This increase will be about 50 cents per entree or
    individual item. If you have already pre-paid your price will not increase.
  • We appreciate Bees Knees because they provide service to the students
    Tues – Thurs so we do not need volunteers (which we have a shortage of) and
    they provide meals at cost for our students in need, who might otherwise not
    have lunch. BASIS Boosters and our generous donors cover the cost of those at
    cost meals as well as their Pizza Friday meals. The number of them has recently increased from 5 to 10. Only the school knows who the students in need are.
    We simply give the ‘free lunches’ to the office and they discreetly get them to
    those who need them. We have an amazing BASIS community helping each
    other out!
  • We are in dire need of volunteers to help with the Monday, Panda Express
    lunches. PLEASE sign up in Parent Square (see the how-to note above on Pizza

Passive Fundraisers – Autumn

  • Box Tops for Education – 2S is currently in the lead, followed by 6XE, 7Ge, 4He and 2P in the top 5. We are having a contest and the element with the most Box Tops for the year will receive a free pizza lunch in May.
  • Please download the Box Tops for Education app and scan your grocery receipts within 2 weeks of purchase so they can be counted. There is a link to it as well as other passive fundraising opportunities and more information on our website
  • Since clipping box tops stopped and scanning receipts started, our proceeds have been only about half of what they were.
  • Autumn will send out updates either in ParentSquare or in the new, upcoming school’s weekly newsletter.
  • Proceeds this year: Amazon Smile: $169, Box Tops for Education: $239.10, Fry’s Community Rewards: $216.63. Please sign up for these and ask

Sees Candy Fundraiser – Caryn

  • We raised about $1,000! Most of these sales came from the final ParentSquare post. In the past these raised $1500-$1800.
  • Will do another one in the Spring

Teacher Appreciation – Caryn

  • The next teacher appreciation event will be January 25th. The theme is soups and stews. This lunch usually has a lot of crock pots so clean-up volunteers are especially needed for this event.
  • Going to do these lunches about every 3rd week. There won’t be one during May as we have Teacher Appreciation Week which has lots of other things for the teachers. We will start planning in February. Volunteers are needed.

Stocking the Teachers Lounge – Caryn

  • There were very few sign ups from parents to stock the lounge the 2nd half of the year. Will post it again.
  • There is not much in the lounge now. Dr. Carpenter said he will ask our front desk to keep track of what is coming in on Mondays and he will follow up on Wednesdays with Caryn as this is her day off and she could do a Sams Club run if needed.
  • Dr. Carpenter was asked if there are particular items that are needed/favorites. He indicated that everything goes fast. Cheese Its and Mac’n’Cheese cups are popular as is anything that can be a quick, 3 minute meal when teachers are prepping. K-Cups run out, he will go pick some up when this happens but please send them. Thank you!


  • Casino Night – Helena, Cheryl, Autumn
  • Committee meeting to follow this meeting.
  • Event is Saturday, Feb. 4th, 2023, 6-9 pm at the Elks Lodge
  • Tickets are now on sale!
  • Helena is working with staff/teachers for live music. Hoping to have Brandons (bass), Dr. Martin (guitar), Ms. Millhouse (cello), Mr. Kies (drum), someone on keyboard? When they take a break we will likely play jazz on the bluetooth speaker.
  • Coke has donated a banner and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Shamrock has donated desserts
  • Both of the above need to know amounts of what is needed soon
  • If you own a business or would like to support this fundraiser for the BASIS Flagstaff Annual Teacher’s Fund, please contact us or go to our website.

Read-a-thon Helena

  • School event 2/27-3/9/23.
  • There will be a classroom door decorating contest. We have been asked to donate some gift cards to the teachers who’s doors win.
  • Volunteers not needed.

Primary Dance – Helena

  • To be held March 24th, 2023 for K-4
  • This was a huge hit last year
  • Committee sign up sheet going around. We need more volunteers.
  • Do we want to do a silent auction? Maybe get parents involved to donate gift
  • baskets.
  • DJ Duck, needs a $250-$450 deposit?

Spring Week of Giving

  • Joe and Go will be that Tuesday, 4/4/23, volunteers needed
  • Maybe make a hand out with a QR code on it to give parents too?


Digital Sign – Dr. Carpenter

  • Unfortunately, it seems that we will NOT be able to have a digital sign. Zoning requirements would require the sign is placed ON the school which is against BASIS Ed’s aesthetic requirements. There was a slim chance we could put it up but that has now been officially denied.

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