Teacher Appreciation

We love our BASIS Teachers!

Thank you to all who helped make the Holiday Teacher & Staff Appreciation Gift Giveaway such a success!!! We heard such wonderful words of thanks and gratitude from everyone at the school.Β 

Thank you for helping us draw 2020 to a close in such a bright, meaningful way for our BASIS Flagstaff Teachers & Staff. 

β€œThank you, Boosters for the goodies!” ~ Mr. Keys and Mr. Varrone, the new Latin teacher for 5th and 6th grade, celebrate in the Teachers’ Lounge. While some teachers are teaching from their homes, many are working from the BASIS Flagstaff campus along with the Administration and Support Staff. Coordinating the stocking of the Teachers’ Lounge with snacks, grab & go meals, and beverages is just one of the ways we support and show our appreciation to Flagstaff’s 🌟BEST🌟 Teachers and Administration. πŸ’œ

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