Volunteer Sign-up

You will also receive notices if you are part of the Boosters Group on Parentsquare (Participate> Groups > BASIS Flagstaff Boosters)

An IVP Clearance Card is no longer required for volunteering.

Bring a current, valid ID to the front or primary office and be signed in through the Raptor security system.


Lunch/Cleaning Floaters:

With the new COVID guidelines on campus, teachers will need assistance in classrooms with monitoring students during lunches and cleaning up/turning the classrooms after.

10:40am-12:00pm / 1 person needed (starts with 1st grade then goes to 2nd)

11:10-12:00pm  / 1 person needed (1- 3rd & 4th grades)

12:00pm-1:15pm  / 1 person needed (1- Kinder)

*Cleaning Stations will be available in each room. Cleaning products are hydrogen peroxide based, no harsh chemicals